Georgia Tech Researchers Help Atlanta Communities Make Strides in Fixing Sidewalks  

Georgia Tech researchers under Dr. Randall Guensler have been working to develop a toolkit of smartphone and online apps, known as the Sidewalk SentryTM and Sidewalk ScoutTM, that constitute a comprehensive sidewalk asset management system. The apps allow anyone with access to inventory sidewalks, assess their condition, and prioritize improvements for their community.Inman Park neighborhood residents having fun learning how to measure curb ramps for ADA compliance using the Sidewalk Scout app.

Dr. Guensler’s team has been working with residents of Ansley Park and Inman Park neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta to develop community sidewalk inventories and assessments. Researchers have trained community volunteers and are providing technical assistance so that these neighborhoods can inventory and analyze local sidewalk data. Once all sidewalk data is collected, Dr. Guensler’s team will post-process the data and provide it to these communities to help them with their local sidewalk improvement efforts. The community groups plan to use these data to raise money and lobby the City for local sidewalk improvements. Working with these community groups has also been helpful to Georgia Tech researchers by identifying problems with the apps, filling in sidewalk inventory gaps for the City of Atlanta, and helping to refine training protocols for the apps.